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The Clinical Medicine Review aims to provide a platform for communication and the sharing of knowledge for academics, researchers, and practitioners in the field of clinical medicine. CMR intends to offer timely and sustainable publication of research articles, review article, case reports, and editorials.
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Recent Articles

Strength measurement of 125I seed in brachytherapy –before/during/ after implantation
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Kenichi TANAKA, Tsuyoshi KAJIMOTO, Masato HAREYAMA, Satoru ENDO
Published October 26, 2018

Results of an Acoustic Incubator Cover among Preterm Infants: Incubators and Modes of Respiratory Therapy
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Barbara Kellam, Jennifer L. Waller, Jatinder Bhatia
Published July 28, 2018

Conjoint Therapy for the Treatment of Chronic Pain: A Descriptive Pilot Study of Couples’ Needs
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Cindy A. McGeary, Donald D. McGeary, Ameet Nagpal, Alan L. Peterson, Candice M. Monson, Tabatha H. Blount
Published July 16, 2018

Review of ultrasound elastography techniques in the liver
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Richard Assaker, Orpheus Kolokythas, Man “Maggie” Zhang, Manjiri Dighe
Published July 9, 2018

Platelet Transfusion Refractoriness: Controversial Issues
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Javier Marco, Pilar Solves
Published April 24, 2018